Welcome to my Site. I hope you can enjoy the benefits of the online store and love the brands and items that would be a fit for you. Everyday we are building new and creative brands. In this new world we are finding our new normal let us help you on that journey. Stickymindz is the new and improved site and there is always new stuff coming in each and every month. Anything you put your mind to make sure you stick to it Stickymindz is the vibez Thank you for visiting.

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                        Going Full Time  

Through the first two years, I continued to build Stickymindz by working late nights and weekends to refine designs,

organize logistics, and pack orders. Each new release received and enthusiastic response from the community, knowledge of the brand spread organically. My dream of starting my own brand was no longer just a dream.


                      I decided to follow my passion and make the jump 

Just before Stickymindz First anniversary, I decided to leave my full time job so I could focus all of my energies on the passion that I had for Stickymindz. as part of this change, I decided to sacrifice all of my money for the company and build my business from the ground up and use my home for the business and shipping center.

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